Whole wheat pita sandwiches

This is the simplest and quickest lunch possible -- and yet very delicious! There aren't a whole lot of ingredients and there is hardly any cooking at all so it really helps if the ingredients are fresh and of good quality. This is perfect for a takeout lunch -- to office or to a weekend hike!

I love whole wheat pita bread but many times the whole wheat pita that I get from supermarkets are very cardboardish.. specially when eaten cold. If I eat the pita warm then it tastes much better but if you need to eat cold pita then I feel the quality of the pita really matters. Anyway, for some time now I have been buying whole wheat pita at Trader Joe's and have been really happy with them.

This lunch is more of an assembly than cooking :) The ingredients are really versatile as well, its usually what I have at hand.

2 whole wheat pita
dressing -- my favorite is Trader Joe's cilantro jalapeno hummus, but a regular hummus or a yogurt-cucumber-mint sauce or a sun-dried tomato pesto works equally well.
Veggies - slices of heirloom tomatoes, roasted red peppers, cucumbers
Greens - spinach or salad greens
Herbs - basil
salt & pepper

Cut the pita in half and toast on a hot griddle for a few minutes toasting both sides. Then carefully open up the pita and spread the dressing on one of the inner sides. Add rest of the ingredients; stuff the pita well so the veggies will not spill out (specially if you are packing it). Enjoy! If its a to-go lunch then wrap the sandwich well in a cling-wrap.