Middle eastern fava bean dip

I had a packet of dried unshelled fava beans lying around in my cupboard for the longest time. I had bought it initially hoping to make Ful Medames but then later I realized that the fava beans used in Ful Medames are Egyptian small brown fava beans and what I had instead was a pack of regular dried fava beans. I put them in the back of my cupboard right next to the fancy cranberry beans and some unknown grains which were also picked up on whim at some such other times.

I finally decided I would make a fava bean dip with these dried favas. I soaked the beans Saturday night hoping to have the dip ready by next day afternoon. On Sunday morning, I shelled the soaked beans, mashed them up, added some olive oil, zatar and garlic. The dip tasted so wonderful. Whats even better was that I  just happened to have some whole wheat pitas sitting in my bread basket! Sure a toasted pita chips with fava bean dip was on cards for that lazy Sunday afternoon!

I absolutely loved the combination of crushed garlic with smashed fava beans. I did not pureee the beans completely so there was still some texture left. Zatar is a middle eastern spice blend which I had on hand and thought married perfectly with the favas. 
Source: Something I put together
1C dried fava beans

To taste:
Olive oil - couple of Tbsp
water - couple of Tbsp
1 clove of garlic - crushed
zatar (start with 1tsp and add keep adding some more if needed)
zest of 1 lemon
juice of 1 lemon
pinch of crushed red pepper
salt & pepper

** Zatar is a middle eastern spice blend. I have blogged about zatar before here. If you don't have zatar you can always substitute with some chili powder, paprika, cumin powder and sesame seeds; but buy some zatar if you happen to stumble across it.. its a wonderful spice and I am sure you would find a lot of great uses for it.
** All the ingredients are completely to taste. The proportions are merely approximates so tune them as you like!
  1. Soak dried fava beans in enough water overnight.
  2. When the beans have been soaked overnight, remove their shells. Hold the bean between your fingers and apply slight pressure, usually the shell would come right off. If they are not coming out easily, using a paring knife make a slight cut on the bean and then tear the shell apart using your fingers. (Pictures below show dried beans and soaked beans with shells removed)
  3. Heat 2C water in a pot. When the water starts to boil, add the beans and cook covered for half an hour or so until the beans are slightly mushy.
  4. Remove from heat; drain any extra water.
  5. Add the cooked beans, lemon juice, lemon zest and zatar. Start the food processor and add olive oil little by little as you run the food processor.
  6. Remove the dip to a bowl. If its too dry, add some water and mix well.
  7. Taste and adjust all the ingredients more or less as it suits your taste.
  8. Serve with some toasted pita breads or pita chips or as a sauce for pita pockets.