Photo Journey of California's Scenic Highway 1

My idea of a relaxing vacation is not a long vacation you wait a whole year to take; but instead a bunch of small weekends scattered here and there, spent on a scenic location away from the hustle bustle of the daily chores and enjoyed with lots of fun and happiness with people you love. Add some tasty food, cheese and a glass of wine to pair a breathtaking sunset over the ocean and it's as good a vacation as any.

These small sprinkles of get-away can be so relaxing! We recently took one such 3 day weekend away renting a small cabin overlooking pacific ocean on California's scenic highway 1, central valley coast. It was a beautiful rustic place at the heart of a charming little seaside town.

As anyone who drove on Highway 1 through central valley will tell, the journey in itself is as good as the vacation stay! 

Most of the journey consists of a small road winding through breathtaking views of pacific ocean on one side and shear large cliffs on the other side. In between there are many scenic overlook points to stop and catch your breath. If you go at the right time you can also catch sea lions basking lazily in the morning sun for your little ones to marvel over. 

As if you needed another incentive, the road takes you through some of the best wineries around sporting abundance of grape loaded shrubs. Cattle will accompany you on the way feeding on the ranches overlooking the ocean and you wonder, is that where the happy cow campaign came from :)

Since I was not the one driving, I decided to take my phone out to take as many pictures as I can from a driving car. This is a compilation of my photo journey through highway 1 as seen from the passenger seat :) (incidentally I am very happy with the camera performance of my new phone, Google's Nexus5, which is now the exclusive "camera" feeding this blog, but more on that later). 

Hope you enjoy!

stunning views of pacific ocean and the ever changing rock formations on the other side..

In between you can also see the beautiful California yellow golden grass sparkled with native plants!

We stopped at a place overlooking ocean for a cup of coffee and a bit of sandwich. A simple and delicious meal tasted so out of this worldly when coupled with the views!
and more gorgeous sea and the cliffs!

and historic bridges on the way..

In between you can also see big ranches with cattle feeding on grass and ranchers strolling around.

and more of the golden green valley...

and big farms of fruits and vegetables and local farmer's fruit stands!

It is one of the most beautiful road trips that I have ever been on - and mind you, this is my fifth time enjoying this drive. The stunning beauty never seems to get any the older :)

Until next time...