Happy Pumpkin Cookies

We made these happy pumpkin cookies for a Halloween party we hosted for our daughter and her friends and the kids and adults alike loved it! 

You need a cookie cutter shaped like pumpkin which are readily available in supermarkets or craft stores during Halloween time or you can always order online. Just be sure to buy a large size cutter so it's easier to decorate pumpkin face and eyes, particularly for cookie novices like me :)

I started off with making a simple sugar cookie dough using this Allrecipes recipe. Then roll the cookie dough to 1/4inch thick and cut pumpkin shaped cookies. Bake them as per the directions and when ready take out of oven.

You need to decorate the cookies while they are still warm. So while the cookies are baking, you can arrange your decorating supplies. I used:
  1. Orange decorating icing from a tube (was red actually which is what I had on hand from previous baking but orange would be ideal)
  2. Green sparkle gel in a tube which has a small opening which is ideal for decoration or writing (as in the picture).
  3. Sugar eyes (available at supermarkets or craft stores in baking aisle)
  4. A small non serrated knife for spreading the icing.

Then take a small amount of red icing from tube onto the knife. Spread carefully on the cookie covering every portion evenly (just like you would spread cream cheese on a bagel)

Then using the green icing carefully draw the pumpkin veil and leaves. Attach two eyes on red icing and draw a smiley using green icing.

Set aside to dry for a few hours. Enjoy!