My Favorite Books for Two/Three Year Olds

Last year around this time I posted "My Favorite Baby/Toddler Books" post summarizing those books both me and my toddler loved to read everyday and hoping it helps other new moms in their quest of good books to start their little ones with. And here is a sequel to that a year later!

My daughter is now three years old and she still loves to read many books from "My Favorite Baby/Toddler Books" post however her focus has now changed from me reading to her to she "reading" to me or she reading to her various toys at their respective bedtimes :)

Now a days she loves three types of books: 1) baby/toddler books which she can "read" by herself (knows the story by heart or can follow from pictures) 2) interactive books, exercise books or craft books 3) books I read to her at night-time with a more advanced plot, preferably animal family based plots.

So here are our latest Two/Three year old favorite books:

Blue Hat, Green Hat still remains our favorite book. It's a very simple and cute story and also the first book my daughter attempted to read on her own. The story is really simple, there is a silly turkey who can not seem to put his clothes in right order, so the line goes something like "blue hat, green hat, red hat, oops". First three are three animal friends who have put their hats correctly, oops refers to this turkey who puts his hat on feet! and so it goes... We love all Boynton books, but this is our favorite!

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Mary Englebreit's Nursery Tales: A collection of classics. This is our go-to for bedtime reading.. it has all the classic nursery stories such as three little pigs, Goldilocks and three bears, city mouse and country mouse, Hansel and Gretel, The Little Red Girl and many more! What sets this book apart is the simple language, no difficult words or long sentences and large pictures on each page together makes us turn to this book night after night for over six months now!

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Curious George Discovery Day is a great activity book covering basic colors (mixing colors), shapes, alphabets, numbers, sounds, senses etc in a very interactive manner. Every time my daughter opens this book she is lost in it for atleast half an hour! A great discovery book for younger ones!
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Hooray For Fish is a very cute book about a baby fish which introduces us to all her fishy friends. Besides being an eye treat with bold colors and pictures, kids also learn the use of adjectives in an easy and fun setting!
In this age of Amazon, individual family owned booksellers are quite a rarety; this book was a personal recommendation from one such family owned store's owner.

Honey Rabbit is another keeper! I have been reading it to her since she was a few months old and we still love this book all the same. It's about a baby rabbit who asks his Dad what spring is. His Dad suggests he take a walk outside and see it for himself. The book is about the discoveries honey rabbit while asking all his friends what spring is. It's a hard to find book but an absolute treasure..

We love to do crafts together. Not only it occupies kids for hours at a time but they also learn to be creative and develop an aptitude for arts and design. I'll be honest we haven't found many good kids craft books here in US, though internet is a great resource full of good ideas. We went to India recently and my parents bought some Vikas craft books for her. I found this craft series the best I have seen so far - we brought the whole set back with us. It includes drawing and painting, paper cutting and making paper designs and origami. I don't really know if these are available in US but this craft series is really good and our running favorite!