Couscous Mint Chutney Side

If you are in a hurry and want a healthy side or a big serving of a side-salad as your main course, this recipe is a great idea! 

If you are not familiar with couscous, it's a Moroccan/Middle-Eastern grain made out of semolina which is cooked by streaming. Yeah, just steaming and that too cooks in minutes! Making it an ideal pantry staple for every busy cooks who wants to put something healthy and home-cooked on table or in lunchboxes in minutes! 

If you are looking to be a bit carb conscious this year, then Quinoa, another wonder grain packed with protein is also a great substitute for couscous. Or the good old rice of-course works great. This is also a great lunch box meal.

Mint chutney is another staple at our home. I tend to buy 2-3 huge bunches of fresh mint whenever I see them in season. And then I make a big pot of this chutney, really "making" is an overkill, it's all about throwing things in blender :) Use half the chutney and freeze half. This chutney is so versatile making it a great pairing for sandwiches, topped over salads or as a side to parathas or daal-chawal.

Without further ado, here is how you would go about making this couscous mint chutney side.

Serves 4 as a side

For mint chutney:
2 bunches of fresh mint leaves
1 small green chili
juice of 1 lime
1 small clove of garlic - peeled

Blend all the chutney ingredients together and taste and adjust for taste. Set aside.
1C dried couscous
1.5C water (or as recommended by couscous instructions)
2Tbsp olive oil or butter
1 tomato - chopped
salt & pepper

Prepare couscous as per instructions. Mine said to boil 1.5C water, when water is boiling then turn off the heat. Add couscous and cover and let steam for 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork, add oil or butter and mix well. Then add few Tbsp of mint chutney, tomatoes, salt & pepper to taste and mix. Taste and adjust ingredients per taste.