Christmas Cookies

Continuing with our own cooked up mother-daughter tradition of 2013 and 2014, this year also we baked many cookies, shared them with friends and family during a holiday get together and ate them in delight!

This year we made a mix of sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies with the focus on cookie decoration. Sugar cookie recipe was the same tried and trusted one from here - proportions quartered. Gingerbread cookie recipe was from here with the only difference that I completely cut the white sugar and added local wildflower honey instead. Cookies weren't sweet per say, which is what I wanted, but had just a bite of sweetness from the icing and were perfect with a hot cup of coffee (huge plus!). I'll probably go back to using molasses in gingerbread cookies next year, for the intense sweetness and the color.

As for the decoration we used the standard tubes of holidays colors green and red from grocery store with plain white icing leftover from a birthday cake decoration.

My daughter had a lot of fun decorating the cookies this time! The one on the top with happy, sad and angry pumpkins are decorated by her; she called them "pumpkin moods cookies" :) and the gingerbread men ofcourse which she loves to decorate.

All in all it was a great mother-daughter evening spent together making the dough, tasting it, watching anxiously for the cookies to rise in the oven and of-course decorating it! 

Baking is sooooo relaxing and therapeutic to me and I honestly can't think of a better way to stop worrying about work and daily chores and get into holiday mood than finding yourself a partner in crime and baking these holiday goodies! Enjoy and have a very happy holidays!

(Excuse the poor quality photos - I have decided to not let photo quality prevent me from blogging more these days :) )