Hello Again... (after a hiatus)

It has been a very long time, blog, but I have missed posting here a lot. I guess life happened, things got crazy at work and at home with a new kindergartner in tow this year! 

I am also not cooking as much these days, but I am hoping to change it now that I have a bit of a breather for next few months. 

Last year we started on an Indian Tiffin service plan for the weekdays (one of the perks of bay area!) so I rarely cooked on weekdays for the past 6 months. It was hard to let go of food for me, but that was a practical option for our family and so we embraced it. I try to make up for it by going a bit overboard over the weekends :)

One of the new entrees making a round at our dinner table these days is this veggie General Tsao's stir fry. It is a very versatile recipe - and becoming my go-to Friday evening dinner. 

The thing that really pulls this together for me is this general Tsao's stir-fry sauce I ordered from Amazon. It's not fishy or spicy and is a very nice blend with umami! We are almost through our first box of 6-pack and I have ordered for more!

Simply stir-fry any combination of chopped veggies (bok-choy, asparagus, arugula, mushroom, spinach, carrots - anything lurking in the fridge by end of the week) in hot sesame oil one by one. You can also add protein (tofu or chicken), stir-fry sauce, salt & pepper and finish it up with garnish of roasted peanuts and chopped green onions. 

Serve with steamed jasmine rice with a side of some sautéed greens and meal is ready in as long as it takes for rice to be ready!

General Tsao's stir fry served over steamed Jasmine rice with a side of sautéed garlic chrysanthemum leaves