Cinnamon Star Bread

Recently New York Times ran an article about procrastibaking - have you heard the term? "Procrastibaking — the practice of baking something completely unnecessary, with the intention of avoiding “real” work — is a surprisingly common habit that has only recently acquired a name." says the Times article. Rings a bell, anyone? :)

As the article goes on it explains that people procrastibake for many reasons, from avoiding the particular bit of work you are dreading, to using baking as a creative time to get your creative juices flowing for work that requires creativity. Whatever may be the reasons, procrastibaking sounds fun and something I could quickly get into - given the condition of working from home regularly.

This cinnamon star bread is not a result of procrastibaking per say. I had long since bookmarked this recipe when I saw it run in King Arthur baking blog. I just got around to trying it out now.
Your first instinct looking at it might be that it's a recipe that will take a really really long time with lots of artsy decorative twists more fit for a pastry artist than a humble home-cook - but let me tell you, it's so easy! Beyond baking basics there is nothing more complicated in it and it is a breathtaking starter bread to put out at your next party and wow your guests with what they might think as the baking Goddess within you!

Or perhaps you can make it next time you are procrastibaking, whatever, when it comes to baking there is no judgement here :)

I followed the recipe pretty much as is. My only subtraction was vanilla extract (ran out of it!) and reducing quantity of cinnamon sugar brushed on the bread. As a tip, before you make filling, leave a little bit of beaten egg aside for top coat - I didn't need the full large egg for cinnamon sugar filling and had to crack open a second egg just for the top coat (top coat is just egg brushing, not cinnamon sugar + egg brushing). Hate to waste perfectly edible things away!
Cinnamon star bread - before baking
It came out just as I was expecting it to be. 

My daughter also helped along by brushing the cinnamon sugar filling over the bread layers and helping me twist the two "petals" together. That's the most fun pat of baking for me - baking with the little one! We share stories - mostly of my childhood which she is always super interested in or about some small tidbits of her school world. It's a time I cherish.

That is exactly as how baking should be - utterly relaxing and enjoyable - happy time spent together kneading dough, rolling with a pin and expectantly looking at the clock wondering when it's time to open the oven or atleast have a peek!   
Cinnamon star bread - after baking
Happy baking (or procrastibaking) this long weekend everyone!