Ukadiche Modak & Roti Minnibels

Ukadiche Modak is basically steamed modak, think of it like sweet dumpling made with rice flour wrapper and sweet coconut stuffing - they are more popular lately because they are a healthier alternative to traditional modak which are deep fried in ghee or butter. I have always loved Ukadiche Modak more than the traditional one -- I think if you are a dumpling fan in general, this is right up your alley!!

In Maharashtra where I come from there is a saying that you can gauge the quality of a home cook by their Ukadiche Modak, it is supposed to be a very tricky recipe - however I did not really have any trouble with it; I am guessing because of all the practice I have had making vegetable dumplings at home - and these are a very close cousins.

I followed this recipe to proportions. I found that kneading the dough really well matters a lot; as well as letting it rest a bit before working. Frozen coconut works just as well and is a huge time saver. We recently substituted all of our regular white sugar with this coconut sugar Trader Joe's carried - it's extremely flavorful and tastes closer to Gud/Gul than sugar.. it goes very well in this modak recipe.

With that all you need is a steamer and a bit of practice rolling and steaming dumplings and you are all set making these yummy ukadiche modak anytime you want!

Roti Minnibels:

We don't make rotis often at our home. It takes too long and often the convenience of using pita breads or tortiallas is a huge time saver. But every other Sunday or so, we do make fresh rotis. My daughter always asks for a couple of dough balls and she experiments with it with her own mini size rolling pin. 

These minnibels were her creations and her branding. She rolls the dough and then uses various cookie cutters of her liking to cut the shapes from the dough and then I cook them on the stove just as I would regular rotis. 

These "minnibels" as she calls it have become a favorite of our Sunday lunches and a great way to get the kids experimenting in the kitchen!