Quick Lunch: Lavash Wrap w/ Roasted Veggies

I finished week 8 of working from home this week! Wow, but who is counting, right? There are so many things which are so heartbreaking about this current phase we are in, not to mention sufferings of so many; but just to look at the bright spot a bit, I find myself starting to like the perks of remote working too - like no commute to and from work (which in bay area traffic is saying something!), no waking up early in the morning to prepare for school drop offs and the best perk of all has been getting to spend sooo much time with my daughter. 

We are always running around so much, this new forced isolation has helped us connect better as a family and just slow down the pace of the day a bit. Still not to say that the weekdays don't fly by! By the time Friday afternoon rolls, I am just about ready to shut the work laptop off and spend the next two days reading books, playing board games and baking some treats or just napping!

Lunches have been especially tricky as I am often back to back in work meetings; so most days lunch is left-over from the dinner last night. But on days where that's also not available, I see myself going back to the two tried and trusted quick healthy lunches: the veggie bowl and this lavash veggie wrap.

We have a CSA subscription which delivers a fresh box of veggies and fruits every week, so we often have some veggies in the fridge waiting to be used up. Lavash is a thin unleavened bread made in Tandoor which is eaten in many parts of Asia. I like it best because it's ideal for wraps! It's thick enough to hold everything in without being dry or chewy. We get this brand from our CSA, but any other brand that's pre-cut for wraps would work equally well I think.

The "recipe" is not a recipe at-all but rather an "assembly" which is perfect for hurried lunches.
Lavash Wrap w/ Roasted Veggies
There are a few components to the wrap:
  1. spread: first spread the lavash with a spread of your choice. Hummus, pesto, chutneys or cream cheese - whatever you have at hand. Spread a layer evenly on the wrap.
  2. filling: I add roasted veggies (broccoli florets, carrot slices, mushrooms - roasted at 400F for 15 minutes) or raw (cucumber slices, tomatoes, lettuce, olives).
  3. cheese: optional but I love a sprinkling of mozzarella on my wrap.
That's it. To make it easier to roll, I add filling on one side of lavash leaving the other side empty and roll as tightly as I can to make a log. You don't need to tuck the ends in. Once rolled, slice the wrap in half and use toothpicks if needed to hold it together.