Happy Thanksgiving to All!

This has been a strange year to say the least; what from spending the whole year working from home, schools from home, the global travel and life as we know coming to a pause.. unlike anything any of us would have ever imagined! I can not believe the year is coming to an end..

Through the twists and turns and the wild ride of 2020, I have still found so many things to be thankful for! I am thankful that everyone in our family and our friends are well.. sure, a bit wary with cabin fever and tired of isolation but healthy and well. Considering the hardships a lot of people are going through, that is a lot to be thankful for to be sure.

So this thanksgiving, like a lot of families across US, we spent at home, just with the 3 of us. It was different, but special in it's own way. We didn't skimp on any of the dishes or the decoration.. and while the table was a lot smaller than usual, we didn't miss a single bit on the festivities and the spirit of the season.

Our menu was simple - ie, a lot of dishes but all sorta simple. We started off with roasted butternut squash soup with ginger & apple and roasted brussel sprouts w/ lemon. Our main dish was baked herbs de provence chicken breast with olives and roasted rosemary potatoes, combined with sides of freshly baked flaky biscuits, sweet potato casserole, cranberry maple relish and couscous w/ roasted butternut squash & parsley. For dessert we made a home-made pumpkin pie and rounded it all up with a chilled bottle of Riesling and a lemonade for the little one.
We spent the morning cooking - daughter & I. It's a lot of fun involving kids in the kitchen. She made some tea sandwiches and was in-charge of table decoration and tasting. We put on some nice music (which was changed to a Disney kids music station pretty soon :) ) and spent our morning cooking and chatting and afternoon eating it all up!!

Through the thick and thin of it all, I think that is what thanksgiving is all about - finding those special moments with your loved ones and being thankful for all that you have.
Hope you were able to unwind a bit and enjoy a smaller thanksgiving with your family!