Dreams of Fall 🍂....

Fall is my favorite season 🍂 , right up there with the spring. I love the chill in the air foreshadowing the cold winter days; lazy weekends spent dreaming of Christmas, huddled with a warm cup of tea or freshly baked cookies getting lost in an awesome mystery book (or two!). I love all the small little things from driving home in the rainy evenings, taking in the sights of tinsel lights adorning the houses, even that incessant Christmas music blaring non-stop on the radio 😂 --- but most of all, the thing I love most about the fall is the dance of vibrant show of colors in our garden! 

We are fortunate to have a house lined with a variety of mature Japanese maples and other trees which adorn themselves with absolutely gorgeous yellows, reds and orange hues these few weeks of the year.

It's so gorgeous and uplifting to look out the windows and see the nature at it's absolute best... 

It also reminds me that like all the beautiful things worth chasing in life, they are all but momentary, with us only for a sliver of time... within a matter of 2-3 weeks the trees will shed these beauties until the spring awakens them again with new buds, a promise of a new life...

It also reminds me that we must all remember to take a pause and enjoy the small pleasures in life when we can, where we can.. ❤ take that time to smell the roses, orange blossoms or enjoy the fall colors..

Along with the fall colors, we have also been devouring lots and lots of pomegranates and oranges... Pomegranate tree during fall is a sight to see by the way -- warm yellow leaves with huge red jewel-like fruits popping out of them!

Second reason to love fall other than cookies and 🍂? It's the official start of the comfort food season for our family! I am not cooking as much anymore, but here is our simple "house chicken curry in a hurry" that you can make start-to-finish within 20mins and SO yum! Serve with hot rotis, rice and a side of raita and pickle and it's a meal fit for a queen.. (or it's the type of meal I would want everyday if I were a queen 😂)

Third reason that make me dream of fall? It's books, books and more books! It's the time during November/December when I finally get some "light" days and weekends which I truly devour with a scrumptious book or two! This time I have outdone myself by reading not just one or two but 4 (!!) books at a time! I simply pick up the book based on the mood. Here is in my reading nook right now: brand new mystery release by an author I like (No one can know), a very old mystery book also by an author I adore (Hallowe'en Party), a non-fiction (Broken money: how our financial system is failing us and how we can make it better) and a historical fiction (The First ladies).

Hope you are spending the last few weeks of fall enjoying the season's best offerings.. till next time! 🍂