Sweet Moments!

Every few days this blog brings a sweet moment in my life, may it be a note from a reader who loved a recipe, or a note from a blogger friend asking why no posts in a while or a request to use a recipe or a product for a business/organization. I wish I could personally thank each and every one of you who reached out to me to make this space feel special, it is only this that gets me going post-per-post.

I can't list each and every note, but here are few noteworthy mentions of Ginger & Garlic on web that I am particularly proud of - thank you for keeping this space alive and teeming with new content and thank you for keeping me going!

By far, the most popular post of this blog has to be the edible fruit tree, hands down! It has been shared and shared and shared on Pinterest and the response it has generated over the years has made me so proud!

  • Edible fruit tree featured on Welch's
  • Edible fruit tree featured at Holiday Central, Good Home Design, Disney Baby, Examiner & business insider
  • Edible fruit tree featured in annual Christmas card of Hawaii Island School Garden Network
  • Edible fruit tree featured in El Pais newspaper in Spain
Thank you all again for visiting this little space in www...