Methiche laddo (Fenugreek sweets)

It was such a blessing to have my Mom help us out those first few post-delivery weeks! I think its the only time you have to be babied up while you settle into a rhythm caring for your own little baby :) While she was here in addition to the fresh lunches and dinners she also made a big batch of methiche laddo (fenugreek sweets). It is traditional in our region of India to gift fenugreek laddos to the new nursing moms. 

Benefits of fenugreek for lactation are well know. No one quite knows how it works but fenugreek is famous in many cultures as a milk-boosting herb. While fresh fenugreek leaves can be added to the daals and sabzis; the easiest way to get enough dosage of fenugreek for its lactation benefits is to either take fenugreek in capsule form or a better-tasting yummy alternative would be make these fenugreek ladoos which are made from powdered fenugreek seeds. 

While fenugreek seeds or powder is easily found in Indian grocery stores; for those in states, its also on Amazon.

Fenugreek seeds are naturally bitter - so the ladoos need good amount of sugar - however to each their own! I for one quite like the hint of bitterness just as much! I am planning to make a batch of these myself soon.

Next time you are thinking of making a care package or a gift basket for a new nursing mom who is a dear friend or a neighbor, consider making these laddos!

The recipe my Mom followed was the one from Ruchira (an old very famous Maharashtrian cookbook) but the ingredients and proportions are quite similar to what Chakli had posted here.

The only modifications we made were:
  1. We did not soak fenugreek prior as the recipe indicates. Soaking is considered to reduce its bitterness; however Aai did not find much difference with soaking and besides I like the hint of bitterness.
  2. We added lots of dried fruits and nuts for extra nourishment of the new mom!
  3. We did not add edible gum.
  4. Wheat flour can be reduced (or even eliminated)